I am getting the error "'npm' is not recognised as an internal or external command" while creating project in VS code using Salesforce CLI. Don't know what I am missing out. Can anyone guide me.

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    NPM is part of Node.Js, you have to install Node.js for it. Node is not installed along with Salesforce CLI installation. – Raul May 1 at 9:42
  • Than you Raul. But could you please let me know why the need to install Node.js as I need to work with Salesforce Apex – Shravan Kumar R. May 1 at 9:57
  • You just mentioned the npm problem, but maybe you should edit your question and add proper details on what is the exact issue. – Raul May 1 at 10:00
  • I have just added the error message that I am getting when I try to create a new project in VS – Shravan Kumar R. May 1 at 10:05
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    I see you are trying to create a project, sfdx uses node.js under the hood for its tooling and it is a prerequisite. Please try installing nde and try again. – Raul May 1 at 10:08

I started facing the same issue, the very moment I updated Salesforce CLI to the latest version "sfdx-cli/7.56.1-2773b53bf5".

Everything was fine before this version of CLI, however, seems that this version requires NPM package manager as well for CLI to run but it's not auto-installed or prompted by any means during CLI update that it's required.

The only solution I found to make it work as of now on my Windows machine, is by installing the NPM package manager and it started to work like it was.

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    Alternatively, installing nodejs would suffice. – sfdcfox May 1 at 12:25
  • Installing NodeJs did the trick. Thank you all for the guidance. – Shravan Kumar R. May 1 at 13:13
  • Thanks! it worked – malu May 15 at 15:42

I was also facing this error..... is because of the Node.js not installed or it has older version. I have installed latest node.js with npm from https://www.npmjs.com/get-npm

this solved the issue!

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  • Thanks for adding the link to install. Google failed me when I searched for it – Salesforce Wizard May 20 at 16:49

The error is because of the Node.js not installed or it has older version install latest node.js with npm from https://www.npmjs.com/get-npm

Setup user variable for the installed Node.js --> "C:\Program Files\nodejs

Which will solve the issue!

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Installing node.js fixed the "npm not recognized as...." error, which I started getting abruptly today (was working fine till yesterday). Also, I only saw this error while creating components. Other commands (e.g. sfdx deploy ) worked fine even before the node.js install.

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