I am trying to pass two variables from Flow to apex. One is a collection variable and another is just a string.

Collection Variable is passed in personIds

And Passing String in inputName

I am trying to loop on the Collection variable and update the name, But i am not able to access the input name, as i can only create one method for personIds.

    global class lookupflowvars {
public with sharing class Requests {
  @InvocableVariable(label='Records for Input' description='test' required=true)
  public string inputName;

     @InvocableMethod(label='Update Person Member Reference' description='Update MemberReference field on Person')

    public static void UpdatePersonMemberReference(List<List<String>> personIds){

    List<String> values = new List<String>();
    for (List<String> subList : personIds) values.addAll(subList);
         // List<Id> oppids= new List<Id>(); 
        List<Opportunity> oppList = new List<Opportunity>();
        oppList = [select id,Name__c from opportunity where id in :values];
        for (Opportunity newopplist : oppList ){
        newopplist.Name__c =inputName';   //cannot access  inputName here!
        update newopplist;



Cannot access inputName

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You can't access it, because it's in a different class. You need to pass in the request as a parameter:

public static void UpdatePersonMemberReference(List<Requests> people){

You should include the "personIds" as another InvocableParameter as well. Check the documentation for an example.

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