I am creating eFile Number field as a hyperlink in lightning data table but it is not in blue color

           for(let key in data) 
           console.log('data -'+data );
           console.log('value -'+data[key]);     
           if(key==='eFile Number')
               this.columns.push({label: 'eFile Number', fieldName: 'DisplayeFile__c', type: 
           'url',typeAttributes: {label: { fieldName: 'CaseNumber'},target: '_self'},sortable : 'true'});

Note - DisplayeFile__c is a formula field which is returning a eFile Number url

eFile Number became hyperlink but it is not in a blue color enter image description here


To display a link, you need to mark the type of the column as a url and also provide a field to display which I see you are already doing.

If it is becoming a link but not showing correct colour, it is likely that there is some CSS overriding yours or if you are using it in the community, the link colour might be black.

  • I had applied the css but it is not working when i inspected the component in browser i had not found the css which i had applied. – Harshit Verma bluCursor May 1 '20 at 11:26

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