This is linked to the question : Filtered Data extensions or Data extensions fed with SQL queries to duplicate Synchronized DEs from CRM to share with child BUs?

It seems that we can query the existing parent BU Synchronized data extensions from parent BU and also from child BU.

Finally, to populate the replicated Synchronized DE created in the shared folder on parent BU, what is the best practice between querying the synchronized DE from the parent BU and querying the synchronized DE from the child BU ? Is there any impacts choosing one or the other ?

And if we want to automate the update of the replicated synchronized DE every 15 minutes, should we better choose "Add & update" or "Overwrite" data action while creating the SQL query ?

We need to replicate the sync DE and its behaviour on child BU as we can't have them directly on child BU.

Also, is there any way to share the Salesforce Data attributes group on Data Designer (existing on parent BU) to the child BU ?

Thank you



  • Let me comment on the last question: Attribute Groups are part of the Deployment Manager now (app exchange). But for now it only works with custom attribute groups. That means you would have to create it once and then can import it via Deployment manager for all other child BUs. Depending on your skills you could think about API retrieval of this attribute group. – DonL Apr 30 at 11:13

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