Is there a way to deploy custom My Domain in Metadata API deployment using SFDX CLI?

  • Are you asking about Domain or my domain? – manjit5190 Apr 28 at 12:14
  • I'm looking to deploy My Domain via CLI/Metadata API. – VarunC Apr 28 at 12:27

This isn't possible. Domains are single-use items globally, so there's no point in having a Metadata API call for this. This feature cannot normally be disabled or reassigned to a new org without intervention from support.

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  • But I can go into Setup > My Domains and change to a new domain. I was hoping we can change/deploy new my domain name via CLI. – VarunC Apr 28 at 12:32
  • @VarunC Oh. New feature, then. Still, you're required to take several actions before you can use the domain, so a deployment doesn't make sense. You have to check availability, and ideally perform testing first. – sfdcfox Apr 28 at 12:38
  • Yes i know, though I'm good with steps, if there will be any :-) I would hope to get an error back if it is duplicate, similar to when we create new users in test/scratch orgs with possible duplicate usernames. I'm been searching docs to see if there is any Metadata specific to My Domain name deployment, but sadly none found so far. – VarunC Apr 28 at 12:51

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