I have a question about file sharing in community. Basically, the question is why a community member (license: Customer Community Plus) doesn't see the Share option on the File List component? A community member cannot share a file uploaded in the community with other community members/groups using the Share option on the File List component in the same community. The file was uploaded by the community user and is owned by this user. I have attached a screenshot that visualize my question.

enter image description here

I also have read this article File Visibility and Sharing in Communities, but I still don't have a clue if community users can share files from the File List.

  • We ran into similar problem and sharing option is available only in classic. I forgot how exactly but we were able to get classic version of this page and it had share option. – javanoob Apr 28 at 6:42

As of this post the current response from one of the Community Product Managers is this is working as expected and you need to share files in a Group or Feed by Posting on a Record. I am continuing to discuss the scenario with him and hoping for a more thorough response after they find the team who owns this particular component. I will update this Answer as new details come in.

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