I created a dummy object TestObject__c and 1 number field with 2 records. 1st record is having some value and in 2nd no value. However, when I ran the system.debug for number field, the field doesn't even show up for 2nd record, I was expecting it to return at least 'null' value but field itself is not coming in system.debug. How to show up the field even for 'no value'?


try this debugging code in an Anonymous Apex window (from developer console its command+e or control+e). Additionally, replace YourNumberField__c with the api name of the number field that you alluded to.

List<TestObject__c> testObjList = new List<TestObject__c>([SELECT Id,Name,YourNumberField__c FROM TestObject__c])
System.debug('testObjList.size() is '+ testObjList.size());

for (TestObject__c record: testObjList){
System.debug('Id:'+record.Id + 'has number field value: '+record.YourNumberField__c);
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