I just created Application "Time Management",created Objects fields and tabs. In my Application only Default Id field is visible but I want to make visible all other fields e.g name,city,email e.t.c enter image description here

You can see All fields are visble in Detail section.I want to add them in previous screenshot enter image description here

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    What you seem to really want to do is to add fields (columns) to your sObject list view. – John Thompson Apr 27 at 18:44
  • Hi John,Yes you are right I want to add columns in my list view. – Ansar Saeed Apr 27 at 19:48

When you click on the gear icon, next to the "Search this list..." input box do you see a menu item that says "Select Fields to Display"? I'm pretty sure that's what you are looking for.

You might want to create a new list view first and experiment with that one before you start making changes to the default "All" list view.

List View controls

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  • Thank you very much john it worked. – Ansar Saeed Apr 28 at 9:09

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