I am converting an existing application to work under LWC, however, I have hit a couple of snags.

The existing app uses an HTML editor called froala, and it uses a calendar component called fullcalendar. I had a look at the existing LWC lightning-input-rich-text, which seems to be a wrapper around Quill JS, however, it just doesn't have enough functionality for our needs. For example, resizing images, reliable DnD of images.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a suitable calendar control that I can control things like the color (individually) of events, the source of events, drag and drop from off calendar and within calendar too that I have with fullcalendar.

Is there a marketplace for LWC components where I could perhaps look to see if there are better versions that the native controls? Or do you know of something that would match my needs?

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There is not a marketplace for LWC. But you can use third-party libraries like fullcalendar and quilljs which gives you full control.

For fullcalendar you can get code from this git repo (not owned by me).

Here is how you can use third-party libraries in LWC.


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