When migrating certain Objects like attachments, there are parentid relationships that may be related to different objects/records ids.


In the past when doing Salesforce org migrations, I have painstakingly determined which objects by using the parentid id prefix (005 for example) to know which objects to pull the ids for. These are then used for a vlookup to determine the attachments' new migrated parent ids.

This is time consuming and subject to human error, it would be nice to have a csv dump of all the record ids for the vlookup parentid swap.

Is it possible to query or export all Salesforce record ids?

  • If you're doing data migrations often, it would be easier to use an app like SFApex or Prodly AppOps. Otherwise, have you looked at the Data Export function in Setup? – David Cheng Apr 25 at 22:32

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