I created an email template and would like to know if it 's possible to add a specific email address by default on cc or bcc fields when the users send the email ?

enter image description here

at the top of the code :

[![enter image description here][2]][2]



relatedToType="BC__c" subject= "FUN {!relatedTo.FUN_BC__c} - {!relatedTo.Sales_Order__r.Name } - {!relatedTo.Name} - ({!relatedTo.Shipping_mode__c}) ">

thanks in advance

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By definition, an Email template, including VF email templates do not define the recipients.

Recipients are defined either in:

  • An Email Alert (Flow, process Builder, Workflow Rule)
  • Apex method calls on SingleEmailMessage
  • The send email action/buttons in the UI

This is an example of a separation of concerns pattern - the template defines the content, and other layers define the when and where of the email action.

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