I'm creating patient records through apex REST api in Salesforce Health Cloud.Actually Patient records have Account lookup field.How can I convert newly created candidate patient record into Patient Account.

global with sharing class GetPatientDetailsAPI {

    global static void createNewPatient(String sourcesystemid,String name, String givenname,String familyname) {

        HealthCloudGA__CandidatePatient__c newPatient = new HealthCloudGA__CandidatePatient__c();  
        newPatient.HealthCloudGA__SourceSystemId__c= sourcesystemid;
        newPatient.HealthCloudGA__Name__c= name;
        newPatient.HealthCloudGA__GivenName1__c= givenname;
        newPatient.HealthCloudGA__FamilyName1__c = familyname;
        insert newPatient;

        //How to convert "HealthCloudGA__CandidatePatient__c" record into Patient Account.Patient Account is a lookup realtion ship field.

I'm trying this from last two days.I couldn't get an idea.Please anyone suggest some ideas.

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