I'm new at Salesforce and I'm stuck in this problem for too long. I'm working with Person Accounts and for each of them, I have certain related lists. There is a one-to-one correspondence between each account and contact. The problem is with the Social Persona related list: the Social Personas are related to Contact, not to the Account. Thus, on the Account page, the Social Persona related list is empty although the Social Personas are correctly associated with the Contact. The problem is that the Social Personas are searched by their ParentId (that is the ContactId) and the only way to correctly visualize the Social Persona list in the Account page is to put the ParentId equals the AccountId. However, I can't perform this operation since other algorithms depend on the value of ParentId = ContactId. I tried to change the fields of the SocialPersonas in the Account-Account Layout.layout-meta.xml as well, but nothing happened. I'd really appreciate if someone could help me!

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