I have number of Lightning input fields in my component. If there is any error in input from user, On submit of form, I want to move the focus onto the first erroneous Lightning input.

In the begining , we have implemented this like this using custom validity:

 inputs.forEach(input => {
                // Only check for validation errors that don't have to do with mandatoryness 
                if(!input.validity.valueMissing || input.name === 'LegalName'){
                    areAllValid = false;
                        scrollOnce = true;


But now some field new requirement is to show the error on field once max length is reached , on click of submit. Earlier I was using max length attribute to restrict user from entering once max length is reached, but now we need to show error to customer rather than restricting. For this I cannot use pattern matching because I need it for pattern matching error and also error message is different. So For this I need to show custom error message.

But this is causing issue because now I cannot move the focus on first erroneous input in form as this is custom error.

Any body having any idea, how can we achieve this?

  • Are you using lightning-input or lightning-input-field, can you add the HTML markup as well? – rahul gawale Apr 20 '20 at 8:42

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