In our managed package we are planning to use Feature Parameters (in particular LMO to Subscriber, boolean) to be able to enable/disable feature in subscribers orgs right from LMO/FMA.

After reading through documentation there are still couple questions we cannot find answers about:

  1. is it possible to remove feature param after major version has been released? We are worried about the restriction re having 25 feature params - would we be able just to remove outdated feature params from previous major release and use free slots for new feature params in scope of next package release?
  2. Is it allowed to create/remove feature params in patch org?
  3. is it possible to do a mass update of value for specific feature param from LMO org for e.g. 10-100 subscribers? From what we've seen, feature param is linked to subscriber license in LMO org, as result it can be manually edited per each subscriber. But if we want to e.g. activate some feature for a subset of our subscribers, can we do so somehow from UI (e.g. like doing package push upgrade, where we can upgrade hundredth of subscribers at once)? Or maybe is it possible via some Apex snippet by querying and updating schema objects directly?
  4. When value of 'LMO to Subscriber' feature param is updated from LMO org and propagated to subscriber org, is it possible to execute some piece of Apex code, like a Trigger for Feature Param Update in subscriber org? Having some sort of a scheduler/batch to check value of feature param every 5-10 mins in subscriber org is not a good solution for us. We would like to be able to create/remove some records and update some settings in subscriber org right away when feature is enabled/disabled from LMO org.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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