When clicking on a Flow Quick Action, I get the following popup on the screen -- really ugly error message

enter image description here

Why is this happening?


The following bits in the error message are completely irrelevant to diagnosing this issue in this context:

  • There is no data being accessed;
  • There is no other user deleting the data

What is the case is the following:

  • User has Run Flows permission (as Flow User, in Profile, or Permission Set)
  • The Flow is configured so as to override default behavior as shown below. This is <isAdditionalPermissionRequiredToRun>true</isAdditionalPermissionRequiredToRun> in the MDAPI for Flow.
  • The running user has not been granted permission to run the specific Flow (via Profile or Permission Set)

Normally, you would deploy for myFlow the allowed permissions/profiles that you configured in your dev org to your staging/PROD orgs. But, as of V48.0, these Flow Permissions aren't available in the MDAPI <flowAccesses>..</flowAccesses>. (see contradictory evidence -- I could not get these to appear using Workbench retrieve in either V47 or 48 though or using my devops vendor tool)

As such, if you have such a flow with `Override default behavior and restrict access to enabled profiles or permission sets", you may need to manually configure the flow access in your downstream orgs.

enter image description here

UPDATE: in v48, if you include FlowDefinition, you will get <flowAccesses>

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