I'm trying to implement a web service in apex.

I have two GET methods

  1. GET /application
  2. GET /application/status

1 had been already implemented in the following way. I am given the task to implement 2. Should I insert the logic in the same method below or is there a way to define a new method based on the endpoint?

global with sharing class ApplicationAPI {
    global static void get() {
        RestRequest req = RestContext.request;
        RestResponse res = RestContext.response;
        try {
            String appID = RestUtil.getPathParam(req, 'application/');
            if(appID == null) {
                //get multiple apps
            } else {
                //get one app
        catch(BadRequestException e) {
            res.statusCode = e.getStatusCode();
            RestUtil.setResErrorBody(res, e.getErrorCode(), e.getMessage());

You could use a new class and map it as:


Because of the matching rules, /application/status will map to this new class, while /application/anythingElse will map to /application/*. Note that you could choose to parse the RestContext.request.requestUri and make a call to one or more methods based on that, but that's probably overkill in your case.

In that case, you might do something like:

if(RestContext.request.requestUri.endsWith('/status')) {
  return getSystemStatus();
} else {
  return doApplicationLogic();

(Whatever that means for the context of your application).

  • Looks to me like the intent is to parse the URI; IMHO that would be the cleaner way to go here too. – Keith C Apr 15 '20 at 9:35

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