I am trying to update the Picklist values availables for a Recordtype using Mule. I already manage to update the picklist values inside the GlobalValueSet, but I can't make it update the RecordType reference.

The transform I created is updating the core RecordType info but not the related picklist values inside and the response for the call is Success=true.

This is my transform:

output application/java
          payload.p_cursor map(item,index) -> {

Things that I already try:

  • Changing valueName for fullName.
  • Using both!
  • Adding active=true to each of the items inside the values array.
  • Trying another picklist (not a custom one), is as if the picklistValue array is completely ignored.
  • Adding a fake tag to the recordType list of field, it's completely ignored and the result of the call is still success=true.

Any input would be really appreciated, I don't have any more idea of what to try...

Thank you very much!

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