I would like to know how can I migrate/mimic one org to another org?

Says I have 1 org (org A) with some custom fields on cases and the page layout was edited and I have another new org (org B) which is all standard, never edit before. Now I want the org B to have the same case layout & field from my org A.

I tried use Eclipse -Salesforce IDE to migrate and it give me errors something like -> 'Booking value is missing'. In my org A I have additional value for Case Status field, 'Booking' is one of it.

When I migrate from org A to org B, wouldn't it auto insert those new value for me? I have to ensure all value in org A is present in org B then only I can migrate from org A to org B?

Or is there other best practice to do org migration?


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    Are you trying to migrate the data model or the actual data? Mar 17 '14 at 5:59

You're heading along the right lines, but you need to select all of the objects/fields etc. from the metadata lists that you want to migrate. It won't automatically fulfil any dependancies so you're going to need to include the Case object as part of your deployment.

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