I'm trying to create an Automation with the Node Fuel SDK.

I can create an empty one, but I can't seem to specify the <ActivityObject xsi:type="QueryDefinition"> part. I'm not sure how you specify the type.

Here's an example of my options obj.

let options = {
  CustomerKey: CustomerKey,
  CategoryID: folderName,
  Name: `Automation Name`,
  AutomationType: 'scheduled',
  AutomationTasks: {
    AutomationTask: [
        Name: 'Task 1',
        Activities: {
          Activity: [{
            ObjectID: queryActivity.ObjectID,
            Name: `Name`,
            ActivityObject: {
              ObjectID: queryActivity.ObjectID,
              CustomerKey: queryActivity.CustomerKey,
              Name: 'My Activity Obj',

The example shows a Soap Envelope like this.

    <Name>My Activity Obj</Name>

Mine is always missing the xsi:type="QueryDefinition on <ActivityObject xsi:type="QueryDefinition">.

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