I don't know why the below code is not working , next and previous button.
Any help would be highly appreciated??
VF Page :-
<apex:page controller="paginationcls" >
   <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!paginateAccts}" var="acc" id="pbt">

       <apex:column value="{!acc.Name}"  />
       <apex:column value="{!acc.Phone}"/>


        <apex:commandButton value="Next" action="{!GoNext}" reRender="pbt"/>
        <apex:commandButton value="Previous" action="{!GoPrevious}" reRender="pbt"/>

Apex Class:-
public class paginationcls {
    public ApexPages.StandardSetController setCon{set;get;}
    public List<Account> paginateAccts{set;get;}
    public paginationcls(){
       setCon= new ApexPages.StandardSetController([select id,name,phone from Account limit 20]); 

    public void GoNext(){

    public void GoPrevious(){

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You never update paginateAccts. You need to reset that variable each time you change a page, in the GoNext() and GoPrevious(). Otherwise, you're simply re-rendering the same list each time.

  • ,thnx for ur awesome response but i dont know how to reset the page on calling next method...i dont think any standard method is given in Standardsetcontroller class
    – SFDCTashan
    Apr 10, 2020 at 15:51
  • got the answer from your hint... paginateAccts=(List<Account>)setCon.getRecords(); This line i need to write again in GoNext() method it will work. Let me try it for Previuos method also.
    – SFDCTashan
    Apr 10, 2020 at 15:54
  • Thnx David for ur help.
    – SFDCTashan
    Apr 10, 2020 at 16:05

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