I have a class with a method from which I want to make an instance but on saving the instance method I get the error:

Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void getInstance() from the type FahCreator

I am expecting to do :

FAHCreator.getInstance().generateAndInsertFARecords(scope, 'string');


public void execute(Database.BatchableContext info, List<sObject> scope){

public map<id,string> generateAndInsertFARecords(List<sObject> records, string source){
    system.debug('FAHCreator: generateAndInsertFARecords() '+ source + ' ' + string.valueOf(records.size()));
    map<id,string> result = new map<id,string>();
  • What is the definition of the class FAHCreator? You have to have a static method that takes those parameters. – David Reed Apr 10 at 13:59

FAHCreator apparently doesn't have a getInstance() method. You should add it to that class:

public class FAHCreator {
  static final FAHCreator instance = new FAHCreator();
  public static FAHCreator getInstance() {
    return instance;
  // Other code

From there, you still need to make sure that you're using two paramters on generateAndInsertFARecords (your Apex example shows only one parameter).

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