I would like this to be a community wiki question.

When setting up a new Salesforce instance for an organisation, what are the settings, fields, etc that you always change, and why do you change it? (eg The terminology is too American).

Please add in any qualifiers (eg only if the organisation is a Consulting company).

I would like to limit this to default settings and not apps that you install, as that needs to be a separate question.

Please edit the answer to add your contribution.

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  • Change the name to Organisations because it allows way more flexibility than Accounts. Accounts has the connotation of an account that an advertising agency deals with (eg Mad Men style). Organisations allows for Suppliers, Clients, Competitors, Authorities etc to be added,

  • Add Record Types to Accounts to allow for different fields to be added for different Org Types (as above).

  • Remove the standard list of Industry values and add ones that are relevant to the organsiation.

  • Remove the standard list of Type values and add ones that are relevant to the organisation.

  • Rename Billing Address to Mailing Address and Shipping Address to Physical Address because who uses shipping except for orgs who sell widgets.

  • Rename SIC Code to ABN (AUS only).

  • Rename Account Site to Office because that makes more sense to most orgs.

  • Hide Number of Employees and Annual Revenue because most orgs don't use that (or show it only on particular Record Types

  • Hide Hoovers Link and add a link to ABR lookup (AUS only).


  • Hide Birthdate or add it only to particular Record Types (it seems a very American thing to track people's full Birthdates. Add fields for birth day and month is really needed.
  • Rename Title to Position to not confuse it with Mr, Mrs etc.
  • Hide Asssistant and Assistant Phone because if they are that important they should be separate contacts, and who really has assistants these days?


  • Change the company logo in the top left.
  • Enable the Enhanced Inline Editing
  • Enable Enhanced Lists
  • Enable Spell Checker
  • Enable Enhanced Profile List Views
  • Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface

Company Profile

  • Set Company Information
  • Set a domain under Company Profile -> My Domain
  • [Org Sandboxes] Append sandbox name to the Organization Name value

    ** Messages sent from the sandbox can then be immediately identified for a specific source without referencing an orgID. (i.e. "Sandbox: Developer script exception from MyOrg (sandbox name) : Event : Attempt to de-reference a null object")



Old Features:

  • Remove Mail Merge from all Activity related lists (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities)
    • Remove Request Update from all Activity related lists (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities)
    • Remove "Last Stay In Touch.." fields from Contact
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