we use a url like this one to export data from a SFDC report to CSV, by sending parameters :


where pv0 and pv1 are the 1st and 2nd criteria of the report we can change 'on the fly' in the URL

&export=1&enc=ISO-8859-1&xf=localecsv allows to obtain an export respecting the locale Date and Number settings

Problem : this URL doesn't work in Lightning

In Lightning we can : change the parameters 'on the fly' with this kind of URL :

https://lightning.force.com/lightning/r/Report//view?fv0=123&fv1=1/1/2020 pv replaced by fv

or export to CSV :


Do you know how to create an URL, compatible with lightning, and allowing parameters and export to CSV in the same URL ?


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Someone helped me on another forum.

Just need to update the URL to something like this.


So the URL used for Classic and the URL used for Lightning are not so different

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