is there a chance to add custom button into ? For example we're creating a record and we have to buttons "Cancel" and "Save". When I click "Save" I have a view layout with all data regarding created record and here under the data I would like to add button something like "Create New Record".

Is it possible to add it using JS+HTML or is it completly impossible to gain ?


The only component in the lightning forms you can do this through is the lightning-record-edit-form as this does not build out the form internal components for you like lightning-record-form where the internal elements are very limited to access due to the shadow dom which blocks external manipulation from other javascript. I would suggest that if you want to use custom buttons in the layout to use the lightning-record-edit-form for this case. if your use case also calls for a view mode, you can swap to a lightning-record-view-form as well by triggering a render attribute custom in your JS file to handle render switches from form events. lightning-record-view-form similarly will allow you to construct the internal form layout custom but is read only as it is a view form.

lightning-record-edit-form allows for use of lightning-input-field and lightning-output-field support while lightning-record-view-form supports lightning-output-field` and other lightning-input types, but does not offer functionality that will allow for modification of the record contained in the form.

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  • Hi Ronnie, thanks for replay. Could You show me how may I do this I mean how to add this button only in "success" Window? – Freeezer789 Apr 9 at 22:12

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