I have a process builder on custom fields of case object. I want a mass update quick action on List view. Using this mass update quick action I would like to update three fields of selected cases on list view. But while mass updating the cases process builder is restricting the update and not allowing the change. How to overcome this? any workaround. I don't want to change the process builder. Thanks

  • Depends whether your PB fires if record CHANGES or always? – Ayub Apr 8 at 12:51
  • PB fires whenever record changes. – vks Apr 8 at 12:54
  • 1
    So, you might be updating any field of PB condition which may change and fire the PB? If that's right then you dont have any option ... create a checkbox field "Stop Automation" and add in PB to fire only if this field is false. And while updating the record, update the checkbox as well – Ayub Apr 8 at 12:57

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