Attempting to build a custom profile center in Marketing Cloud using Cloud Pages that uses SSJS to pull profile and preference attributes set in the default profile manager.

Using WSProxy I'm doing a 'describe' method on the Subscriber object, getting the JSON back with all of the possible profile attributes + the ExtendedProperties node which describes any custom attributes added to the profile center in SFMC.

When you create restricted values in the profile attribute creator, it shows up as a dropdown menu in the default profile center and in the JSON it declares it as IsRestrictedPicklist = True. The next pair in the JSON is an array of the picklist values called PicklistItems but they are always null when I parse the results.


"IsRestrictedPicklist": true,
"PicklistItems": [

Does anyone know why would be showing up as null?

  • This looks like a limitation of WSProxy not serializing the nested objects. If you do a regular SOAP HTTP post, you see all the pick list items fine. I'll be clunky to do, but you'll find parsing SOAP far easier from AMPScript than SSJS.
    – Macca
    Apr 8, 2020 at 4:55
  • Thanks Macca, I'll give it a go. Apr 9, 2020 at 13:03

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Using Macca's suggestion, was able get the attribute values from using SOAP to describe the subscriber object.

Doing this all in a cloud page, used SSJS to get the access token for the API package, create a soap envelope, execute it using HTTP.Post and then parse the XML results.

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