I need to retrieve a value from a data extension (DE) into the SMS message. Specifically, the GlobalID value which is the same as the contact key. The contact key is existing in the system table - all contacts. I don’t want to use any personalization string such as %%contactid%%. I need the GlobalID/ContactKey value to be associated with a variable (for example @Global = ???DE field/System Field???)

  • Name of the DE: MobileConnect_Test
  • Fields in the DE:
    • GlobalID (Text)
    • Phone (Phone)
    • Locale (Locale)
    • Name (Text)

I have used functions such as AttributeValue, lookup for the source DE, and I also tried retrieving the contact key, but nothing worked for me. When I test it out with the preview and test tool in an email, it works, but I need this to work for SMS as well. The amp script in the SMS message is below:



SET @link = URLEncode('https://www.google.com/')

SET @UTM = "?GlobalID="

SET @SubKey= AttributeValue("GlobalID") /* <--- variations of tis part are causing errors */

SET @link2 = Concat(@link, @UTM, @SubKey)


The result: %%=v(@link2)=%%
  • How are you sending the message? Send 2 DE? List send? JB?
    – EazyE
    Apr 7 '20 at 22:15

Looks like the reason why it was not working is that I have not checked the box "concatenate message". Since the amp script part was divided into more than 2 SMS messages, it was causing errors.

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