I am trying to write a test class for a simple Apex Class which sets the status of the Case to be Closed like below

public class updateCaseRecord {    
    public static void updateCheck(String caseId){
        List<Case> records = [select id,Status from Case WHERE Id = :caseId];
        for (Case record : records)
            record.Status = 'Closed';
        update records;     

The test class I have written so far is like below I have created a test account,contact and a case.

public class updateCaseRecordTest {
@IsTest(SeeAllData=true) static void testIsUpdateCheck() {
    ID parentRecType = '012U0000000PqA9IAK';
    ID csRecType     = '012U0000000QGv4IAG'; 

    Account pa = new Account(Name='Test Parent Account', recordTypeId=parentRecType);
    insert pa;

    Account testAccount = new Account(Name='test', Industry='Biotech',Territory__c='EUR',BillingCity='Test',BillingCountry='Germany',ParentId=pa.id);
    insert testAccount; 

    Contact c = new Contact(LastName='Test',LeadSource='Customer Service',AccountId=testAccount.Id);
    insert c;

    Case newCase = new Case();
    newCase.Subject = 'testStatusClosed';
    newCase.Status = 'New';
    newCase.Category__c = 'Inquiry';
    newCase.Sub_Category__c = 'Other';
    newCase.AccountId = testAccount.Id;
    newCase.ContactId = c.id;
    insert newCase;

     ApexPages.standardController std = New ApexPages.standardController(newCase); 

updateCaseRecord uC = new updateCaseRecord();

I get the error like Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void updateCheck(ApexPages.StandardController) from the type updateCaseRecord. How can I test the apex class and can have the assertion statement. I am writing first time test scripts and I am kind of lost. Any help is greatly appreciated


In your class updateCheck method is static. you can't invoke static method from an instance of the class in Apex. It should be invoked from a class:

instead of

updateCaseRecord uC = new updateCaseRecord();

should be


you don't need any standard controller, as for VF controller.

I recommend you to read Get Started with Apex trailhead, not hardcode ids and if possible not to use SeeAllData=true in tests

  • Thank you that worked. How can I write an assertion statement here
    – user81642
    Apr 7 '20 at 13:47
  • @user81642 you will need to select this case and verify, that Status is updated with the expected value. Apr 7 '20 at 13:59
  • 1
    Please review the resources in How do I write an Apex unit test? to learn about standard testing practices.
    – David Reed
    Apr 7 '20 at 14:01

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