i try to track Journey sends in Sales Cloud under IER. I'am using the SFMC Connector.

  1. In SFMC i use the 18 digit ID as subscriber key.
  2. Journey data Extension is located in "Data Extension folder"
  3. Jounrey data Extension relates Subscriberky on ID
  4. The Send tracking to sales Cloud is TRUE on email activities in Journey.
  5. The Data Extension is in a attribute group and is connected to the Contact in. 18 digit ID to Contact_Key.

But still no Individual Email Results are displayed in on the Contact Object in Sales Cloud. :/

Any thoughts or ideas what could be wrong?

Thank you.

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I can think of two reasons:

  • First, consider there is a minimum of appx. 1 hour lag between any activity and report back to SF. This can be longer - check your settings under the Marketing Cloud tab in the CRM
  • Are you using Scope by User? If so, consider looking at permissions.

Finally, I suggest you test a Journey based on a Salesforce Event Entry to see and narrow down - you'd be able to tell if the problem is the way you set up the Connector/User/Configuration or the specific DE ! For the specific DE - try this solution: Marketing Cloud Journey Builder tracking data isn't returning to Salesforce


Try this article to troubleshoot: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_co_troubleshoot_email_sends_and_tracking.htm&type=5

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