here is the problem I am facing. I essentially need to group and then take the values of any unique user, and combine them and delimit them out by " | " into the result for each product.

enter image description here

Any idea how this can be done with Salesforce Marketing Cloud's version of 2005 TSQL?


You could use a CROSS APPLY, STUFF and FOR XML. I believe these all work in SFMC.

select * FROM [UserModels]
SELECT distinct
, STUFF(x.models,1,1,'') models
FROM [UserModels] AS um
    SELECT '|' + rtrim(um0.model)
    FROM [UserModels] AS um0
    WHERE um0.userid = um.userid
    FOR XML PATH('') 
) x ( models )


UserID  Model
5       wood      
5       metal     
6       sand      
7       plastic   
userId  models
5       wood|metal
6       sand
7       plastic
  • Adam, you sir, are a jenius! Thanks so much. I've learned a great deal in this past year from your posts & from the AMPscript Guide book. Thanks again for your awesome help!
    – CIouz
    Apr 6 '20 at 23:54

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