I created Flow, on Screen widget I want picklist of Accounts which have opportunities, but I don't find any way to do that.

when I create record choice set on the opportunity, then I can't find Account Name on the choice label as shown in the image, so I gave AccountId,

if I give this record choice set to picklist choice on screen, it only shows record ids of account in picklist after running it.

enter image description here

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We can't show the names of Accounts as record choice labels since it's not a direct field on Opportunity.

One alternative would be to create a formula field on Opportunity which stores the names of Accounts (Account.Name) and use this field as a choice label in Record Choice Set.


I think you can solve this using a brand new extension called Get Lookup Collection. Basically, you'll be looking up Accounts from Opportunity using the AccountId field on Opportunity, and this will return a list of Accounts. You may get some duplicates if you do that. If that's a problem, leave a comment on the Get Lookup Collection page. You could also try adding the Dedupe action discussed here.

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