I have Flow with collection variable {!AccountIds} and it's value is following

{!AccountIds} = "[0011U00000oyv8UQAQ,0011U00000oyv8YQAQ,0011U00000oyv8YQAQ,0011U00000oyv8UQAQ]"

I'm using Formula in flow to fetch all value and get it as string.

enter image description here

so Now when I use this formula in Text component it shows

enter image description here

However I need this Values to be formated in this format


Is there any way this possible?

  • why are the accountIds all in a single string - what is the source of this string? Can that source be adapted to provide a collection rather than a delimited string? If not, you need to use invocable apex to split and return as a collection
    – cropredy
    Apr 7 '20 at 3:17

You can use SUBSTITUTE to replace the characters in the AccountsIds variable. In the formula below are three levels of SUBSTITUTE. First to replace , with ',', second to replace [ with (', and last one to replace ] with ').


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