i need to add where clause here

LiKE :- /services/data/v39.0/query/?q=SELECT+Id,Name,AccountNumber,Type+FROM+Account+where+rating!=warm+limit+10

But getting 400 bad request .Please suggest


Your filter condition needs to use quotes around literal strings.

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  • Thanks ,SFDCFOX, – sandy Apr 6 at 5:10
  • Thanks ,SFDCFOX,But instead of hardcore value if i want to take one string as this api will be in for loop and value will change for rating,How to add that string in API call.. – sandy Apr 6 at 5:19
  • like String rating=acc.rating and this string i need to use in my API call – sandy Apr 6 at 5:20
  • @sandy That will depend on the code you're using (Apex, JavaScript, etc). The API itself requires these quotes to be present. – sfdcfox Apr 6 at 6:22

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