If i have a query like

Map<Id,TER_Meter__c> mapIdToMeterPair=new Map<Id,TER_Meter__c>([Select Id,Name,(Select PAS_Customer_Consent_Flag_Effective_From__c,PAS_Customer_Consent_Flag_Effective_To__c,PAS_Consent__c from Consents__r),PAS_MSID_Effective_From__c,PAS_MSID_Effective_To__c,TER_Accepted__c from TER_Meter__c where Id in:meterIds]); 

Currently key part of map is id type and contains id of record being fetched, in this case TER_Meter__c.

  • Is there any way we can change what gets stored in the key part of the map while fetching value directly from query in to map.
  • If so is it also possible to store value from inner query to key part of map.

You can't change the key using Map constructor, it always uses the Id value. If you want to use any other key, you have to use a loop.

Map<Id, My_Object__c> records = new Map<Id, Object__c>();
for (My_Object__c record : [/*query*/])

If you want to pull a key from your inner join, then you need to consider the possibility there are no child records.

for (...)
    if (!record.Children__r.isEmpty())
        Child__c firstChild = record.Children__r[0];
        records.put(firstChild.Some_Field__c, record);
    // else?

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