After installing the Salesforce Data Mask managed package in my org I get the following error when trying to assign the permission set to my user:

Can't assign permission set Data Mask to user Renato Oliveira. The user license doesn't allow the permission: Custom Permission DataMaskAccess is not valid for this Permission Set.

But the permission set doesn't specify a license type, and I'm doing this as the System Administrator (Salesforce license).

What could be wrong?

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It was not really clear from the announcement or from most of the documentation, but Salesforce Data Mask is actually a paid feature, and if you want to use it you need to talk to your Account Execute to purchase licenses.

As per the documentation on installing Salesforce Data Mask:

Ensure that your organization has the Data Mask User permission set licenses. Contact your Salesforce account executive to purchase more licenses.

  • Ok what if you need use it in a developer box or Trailhead Playground ? E.g. to complete a superbadge set
    – Tinashe
    Commented Jan 30 at 14:10
  • For a development scenario, you would use a scratch org instead. On creation you can add the "DataMaskUser" feature to get the permission set licenses added on org creation. In a Trailhead Playground I'm sure Salesforce would provide a way for you to have the licenses added to the environment too. Either automatically, or through a case. Commented Jan 30 at 18:19

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