I'm trying to embed the Service Appointment Management Snap-in into a Community, and I get the following error when I try to launch it:

enter image description here

The result is the modal window displaying with the message "Try reloading the page or try again later."

I have followed the instructions here:

The logged in user has the FSL Self Service Permission Set

I've added the "Embedded Service Appointment Management" component to a community page that has no other components on it. The component has the "Embedded Service Appointment" set to a seemingly valid deployment configuration, setup as per the instructions referenced above.

The community is using a Customer Service template, and the Chat component has not been added.

I've set up a 'Default for FSL Snap-ins' for both:

  • Scheduling Policy
  • Operating Hours

I've also configured the community by:

  • Switched Clickjack protection to allow framing by any page
  • Adding https://service.force.com as a trusted site for scripts
  • Setting CSP to "Allow Inline Scripts and Script Access to Whitelisted Third-party Hosts"

In standard Salesforce Setup I have:

I feel like I've exhausted everything.


It looks like this specification of the callback on line 373 is failing in components/embeddedService/sidebar.js:

enter image description here

It looks like the call to getDeploymentConfiguration works OK (at least it doesn't return a rejected promise), and 'this' looks like it's the right thing.

But initHeaderAndSessionManager looks like it never gets called. Instead the call to 'getCallback' fails because apparently it isn't passed a function.

Has anyone ever managed to get this snap-in working? Can you think of anything I may have missed?

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