Until Last Friday, I was able to activate my Journeys that had a Salesforce Data Event as an Entry Source without any problems and since then nobody has edited the user permission settings as far as I am aware of.

Monday comes and and I suddenly am not able to activate any of them...

No matter how simple a Journey is; as long as it has to look into Salesforce data, I get the same error down below↓

FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION;Required field is missing: rules;;Flow Save failed. Unable to activate the Journey, the Sales Cloud user may not have correct permissions. Activating a Journey requires the Run Flow and Manage Force.com Flow permissions.

Here are some of the permissions that the admin account I have connected to Marketing Cloud has:

  • The User is an admin in both Salesforce and Marketing Cloud.

  • The user has Flow User checked on their user detail page (this
    wasn't checked before the error but I still was able to activate
    Journeys without any problems last week).

  • The user has Run Flows, Manage Flows, View All Data checked on
    their profiles system permissions.

  • The user has Marketing cloud related permission sets that are assigned to them. The permission sets do not have above permissions checked.

  • The user has Marketing Cloud as a connected application in their profile settings.(I also did this after the error as a possible solution)

I can not think of any other solution anymore... I feel like I did everything possible and I'm still getting the same error. Also, I can't find the permission Manage Force.com Flow in my Org anywhere. If this is a must can someone navigate me to find it? I am using Enterprise Edition.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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    Marketing cloud is on api v.46. Are you using any field that requires api v.48? – EazyE Apr 3 at 23:06

Have you recently changed the "Name" (API name) of a field/deleted a field in Salesforce that is used by any of your journeys (including older versions that are no longer active)?

I did this once and it caused any attempt to validate or activate any journey to fail. The particular field I changed was used in journeys that used Salesforce Data as entry events.

I believe the reason is that when you create these Salesforce Data entry events, it is creating a new version of a Process Builder called something like JBSystem_[ObjectName]_Process and adding the field. When you are in Journey Builder and click to either validate or activate a flow, it is trying to Activate this process in Salesforce. If it can't find one of the fields then it fails.

The fix was to either change the field name back OR create a new field using the old API name (which tricks journey builder into thinking the field exists). Once I did this, everything immediately started working again.

Also note that running journeys still seemed to work just fine.

Hopefully that helps.

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