I am having two strings separated by multiple commas. I need to retain only a single comma between the two strings. for example I have as follows var cptCode = G1077,,,,,,,,,,D3456 so after removing multiple commas, I will have like this : var cptCode = G1077,D3456 The user can enter 2 commas or 5 commas between the two strings. Maximum number of commas between the two strings will be 10. I request the members to let me know how to achieve this.


That's basic JavaScript. It doesn't really even matter how many commas are there, 2 or a million. Just replace them all with a single instance:

cptCode = cptCode.replace(/,+/g,',');

Where /,+/g is a Regular Expression meaning "find a comma (,) followed by any further commas (+), globally within the string (/.../g)." Each match will then be "replaced" with just a single comma (the second parameter).


Simple solution:

Add them to a list, then join the list.

List<String> values = <field>.split( ',' );
String result = String.join( values, ',' );
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    JavaScript, not Apex. Also, you'd end up with the same commas you had before. The correct version would have been: <field>.split(',+'). – sfdcfox Apr 3 '20 at 3:11
  • you're right, of course your answer would be simplest. – Ronnie Apr 3 '20 at 3:12

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