I have an automation in which I have to run an SQL Query to update a DE, and then notify Journey Builder for the eventually added contacts.

2 questions please:

  1. Provided I do it in a one step automation:

Step 1

a. SQL Query Activity

b. Fire Event

Will the fire event wait for the SQL Query Activity to finish, which can take a few minutes, or just to launch?

  1. Same question if I do it in two steps:

Step 1

SQL Query Activity

Step 2

Fire Event

Will the fire event wait? or do I explicitly need to add a Wait Activity between the two?


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You'll need to do this in two steps. The query will run in step 1. When the query is finished, then and only then will the automation move to step 2 - firing the journey.

If you put multiple activities in a step, the activities won't wait for each other to finish. If you need something to wait for another activity tofinish, then you'll need to put it in another step.

  • Awesome! @Harley That's what I thought, how do we go about Wait Activities? Is there away to assure a SQL Query runs every 15 minutes within an hour?
    – LimeWeb
    Commented Apr 2, 2020 at 19:51

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