I have created an Auto Number with the following format: {YYYY}/{000}.

Is it possible for the number increments {000} to reset to 1 for each new year?


It is possible to reset the number but it needs to be done manually for each auto-number field. This help article explains it.

This can be accomplished with the following steps:

1: Click on:

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Object name | Fields | Edit Field Name | Click the Change Type of this Field button.

2: Change the field type to Text, click Next, click Save.

3: Repeat the steps noted above and change the field type back to Auto Number , this allows you to set the starting auto-number.

You will receive a caution warning that if the next number you enter is not higher than existing numbers, it may be possible to create records with duplicate numbers when changing the auto-number format multiple times using similar formats.

Note: This does not work for objects installed by managed released packages, as components below are locked: - "data type" on custom field - "record name data type" on custom object - "record name display format" on custom object

  • If you want to restart auto number fields on objects from a managed released package, you can uninstall the package and reinstall it.
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