When users visit my Customer Community, I would like them to be presented with a "Landing Page" created in "Experience Builder", the documentation here is really and the settings are really thrown all over the place. As of Spring '20 Release.

  1. I create my page in Experience Builder (I called it "Welcome"), it appears under My Pages, I set Page Access to Publicenter image description here
  2. I save the page and "Publish" published salesforce experience builder page
  3. Under "Settings", "Community Details" I ensure the community is publically available enter image description here
  4. Under "Workspaces" -> "Administration" -> "Settings" (I am still in Status: "Preview", not sure if this has any effect)
  5. "Workspaces" -> "Pages", Community Home (assuming this is where I want my users to land),
  6. I select "Experience Builder Page", however, when I attempt to enter the name of my Experience Builder Page, "Welcome", it is not found. I have two options "main" and "login"

I find these appear to have something to do with "Site.com Community" under Site Pages->Landing Pages but they are special in that I can't seem to create a new that is a "Lightning Page"?, Also I have no page named "main" in my Experience Builder 🙄 enter image description here enter image description here

So how do I accomplish this in this RATS NEST of settings?

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