Pretend I have an element that I wish to give a literal class, such as:

<p class="slds-text-title">My Title</p>

But I also have a dynamically determined class I wish to add, which I would normally do as:

<p class={dynamicClassVariable}>My Title</p>

Is there a way to add both to a single element in the HTML? The following is invalid:

<p class="slds-text-title {dynamicClassVariable}">My Title</p>

The only other way I can think of is to move my literal class name to the JavaScript and append it to the dynamic value, but I would rather not have to move all literal class names to the JavaScript every time I have a dynamic style to apply.


in order to do this, you should use a getter in your JS:


<p class={dynamicStyleClassP} >Some text</p>


get dynamicStyleClassP(){
    let css = 'slds-text-title';
    if( somecondition ){
      css += ' someDynamicClass';
    return css;

using the getter will remain reactive on your UI and when rendering changes due to other reactive changes, it will update your css with the dynamic classes that you need/desire to add.

  • This does not answer the question which specifically requests an alternative to this approach. Moving class literals to the JavaScript mixes responsibilities: JavaScript is no longer just for dynamic cases, and it becomes impossible to consistently apply the same styles without moving all class literals to JavaScript. – Nathan Fig Apr 2 '20 at 13:23

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