Are there possible ways to customize calendar in Saleforce? For example, i want to "get" the event when user changes view from Day to Week for example. Or is there an easy way to create a calendar lightning component from scratch ?


Short answer to your question is no. Standard calendar is a pain to do anything with.

You may have more luck with a custom component - e.g. https://github.com/Gurenax/sfdx-lwc-fullcalendarjs

  • Hi TLY and thanks for your suggestion. I try to use this component but when i try to deploy it from vs code i get an error message: Invalid reference FullCalendarJS of type resourceUrl in file fullCalendarJs.js I have inserted in my orgs static resources the .zip file as well as i have put in my force-app\main\default\lwc\staticresources this zip file.... What am i doing wrong ? Apr 2 '20 at 8:22

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