I am using encrypted mailing field for distance search in Apex code and queryEditor, but its not working with encrypted mailing address. Below is my query:

 SELECT id,  DISTANCE( MailingAddress, GEOLOCATION(27.9581331,-81.9425701 ), 'mi' ) Distancetoaddr,LastName,FirstName,Account.Phone,Title FROM Contact WHERE (DISTANCE( MailingAddress, GEOLOCATION(27.9581331,-81.9425701), 'mi' ) < 100 )

in logs getting bellow error as:

Salesforce Internal Error. (nothing else is given)

When running the query in queryEditor, below error i am getting:

[object Object]: QueryExpr needs at least one rightOperand: operator w dataType 19

I do not understand this error.

But after removing the encryption , I am getting correct results.

Problem is, I do not find any document or anything online where Encryption Limitations are given for distance function also.

Please help me out here. Thanks in Advance.

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