Simple use case:

  • Lightning App Foo is configured with a Utility Bar.
  • Utility Bar has a single item - a Screen Flow MyFlow
  • Lightning App Foo is provisioned to Profile System Administrator and MyCustomProfile
  • MyFlow is permissioned using the Override default behavior and restrict access to enabled profiles and permission sets as shown below
  • MyCustomPermissionSet grants permission to MyFlow; Bob is assigned to MyCustomerPermissionSet

Yet, when logged in as Bob, the Utility Bar does not appear in the Foo App. it appears for the System Admin

enter image description here


And the answer is ...

  • If the only item in the Utility Bar is a Flow, and ...
  • The running user is not a Flow User (in user record) or does not have Manage Flows or Run Flows permission (in either profile or Permission Set)

Then, even if the specific flow in the Utility Bar has been granted to a Profile or Permission Set assigned to the running user, the absence of the Flow User/Manage Flows/Run Flows will prevent the Utility Bar from even displaying (as empty or with the flow).

In my use case, I needed to add the Run Flows permission to the Permission Set that granted access to the flow - thus encapsulating all the required permissions for the flow in one place.

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