I created a simple analytics dashboard with two different lenses of the different dataset, I connect those datasets using https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=bi_dashboard_data_source_connections.htm&type=0 , it's working Properly. enter image description here

If we create a managed package with all assets like analytics app, dataflow, dataset and dashboards it creates successfully, but if we deploy it on other org for testing purposes. it showing error while deploying.

Error :

1) (Dashboard_Name) No Dataset found for Developer Name: Dataset_Name Dashboard_Name: No Dataset found for Developer Name: Dataset_Name.

2)(Dashboard_Name) Wave Asset doesn't existing in the Org. Dashboard_Name: Wave Asset doesn't existing in the Org. enter image description here

But if we remove the given connection between dataset from the dashboard, and package it again it's getting install successfully on others org.

but that dataset connection is necessary for my dashboards.

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