I am trying to concatenate two field values together in a formula resource in Salesforce Flow however, despite seeming trivial, I can't get the syntax right to show the correct output. I have tried the following:

{!LoopedAccount.Country__c} & {!LoopedAccount.Name}
{!LoopedAccount.Country__c} + {!LoopedAccount.Name}

None of which seem to be valid expressions at runtime with all returning nulls.

When simply adding either of the following:


..these values show correctly.

Salesforce literature advises the & is the correct concatenation operator. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=flow_considerations_design_formulas.htm&type=5

Flow variable syntax

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    & is the correct concatenation operator in the flow formula resource, have you tried adding a space between the 2 merged fields like this {!LoopedAccount.Country__c} & ' ' & {!LoopedAccount.Name} ? – Shamina Mar 30 at 18:44
  • Thanks for the reply, just tried with the space, but still no luck! – Andrew Mar 31 at 8:14

Best solution I have come up with is to assign the field values to a temporary variable and then in the formula element reference those temporary variables.

Step 1: Assignment Element

{!tempAccountName} = {!LoopedAccount.Name}
{!tempCountry} = {!LoopedAccount.Country__c} 

Step 2: Formula element

{!tempCountry}&' '&{!tempAccountName}
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