I have an contact after trigger which collects data from Contact, add some personal, authentication pairs, and updates a 3rd party system.

While the insertion of account/contact in the test class is easy, I don't understand how do I test cover the creation of the json object.

Since the data it uses is hard coded.

These lines did (do?) not pass the test coverage:

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The class:

trigger trgSF2NSContact on Contact (after update, after insert) {

String jsonData;

// Create a list of integers to write to the JSON string.
List<Id> idlist = new List<Id>();

for(Contact con : Trigger.new) {

    // Only update contacts for accounts that are in NS

    Account myAcct = [SELECT Id, Total_Closed_Opptys__c, NS_External_ID__c FROM Account WHERE Id = :con.AccountId ];
    if (myAcct.Total_Closed_Opptys__c == 0)
        system.debug('Account not in NS');
        system.debug('                S H O U L D     R E T U R N !!!!');

    system.debug('    Account is in Netsuite !!!!!!');

    JSONGenerator jsGen = JSON.createGenerator(true);

    system.debug('json debug' + json.serialize(con));

    jsGen.writeStringField('mappingtype', 'Contact_Mapping');
    jsGen.writeStringField('recordtype', 'Contact');
    jsGen.writeStringField('Name', con.LastName);
    if (con.FirstName != NULL) jsGen.writeStringField('FirstName', con.FirstName);
    jsGen.writeStringField('CurrencyIsoCode', con.CurrencyIsoCode);
    jsGen.writeStringField('Id', con.Id);
    jsGen.writeStringField('SF_Account_id', myAcct.Id);

    if (con.Phone != NULL) jsGen.writeStringField('Phone', con.Phone);
    if (con.Email != NULL) jsGen.writeStringField('Email', con.Email);
    if (con.Title != NULL) jsGen.writeStringField('Title', con.Title);
    if (con.Fax != NULL) jsGen.writeStringField('Fax', con.Fax);


    jsonData = jsGen.getAsString();
    system.debug('jsonData DATA SENT TO NS !!!!! \n : ' + jsonData);

SF2NSHandleContact.handleContact(idlist, jsonData);

Test class :

> @isTest
public class trgSF2NSContactTest{
static testMethod void insertNewUser() {

    Account acctTest = new Account();
    accttest.Name = 'test account';
    acctTest.NS_External_ID__c =  '223344';
    accttest.BillingCountry = 'Israel';

    insert accttest;

    Contact contactToCreate = new Contact();
    contactToCreate.LastName = 'last';
    contactToCreate.FirstName = 'first';
    contactToCreate.CurrencyIsoCode= 'USD';
    contactToCreate.Phone = '0545558335';
    contactToCreate.Email = 'test@gmail.com';
    contactToCreate.Title = 'CIO';
    contactToCreate.Fax = '039888979'; 
    contactToCreate.MailingCountry = 'Israel'; 
    contacttocreate.AccountId = accttest.Id;

    insert ContactToCreate;

So assuming the JSON is within a class, how do I test it?

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    Do you mean functional testing or in regards to code coverage ? – Samuel De Rycke Mar 13 '14 at 9:22
  • test coverage (adding test class) – Saariko Mar 13 '14 at 9:31
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    Off topic: you have a query into a loop, warn. On Topic: are you sure that is not returning (breaking the trigger) when evaluate if (myAcct.Total_Closed_Opptys__c == 0)? – Martin Borthiry Mar 13 '14 at 9:41
  • Yes, can you tell us a bit about Total_Closed_Opptys__c - is it a formula, rollup, integer? I believe your test class is probably not getting past the IF that Martin mentioned. – Simon Lawrence Mar 13 '14 at 9:48
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    Came on @Saariko you are a Triathlete! you could code anything ;) – Martin Borthiry Mar 13 '14 at 10:15

Off topic: you have a query into a loop, warn.

On Topic: are you sure that is not returning (breaking the trigger) when evaluates if (myAcct.Total_Closed_Opptys__c == 0)?

If Total_Closed_Opptys__c is a roll up, your json code will not be run.

In addition, your code in a bulk-safe way should look like this:

//.... same prev code here...
// prepare the list of account ids
Id[] accountIds = new Id[]{};
for(Contact con : Trigger.new) {
// now you have to create an account map
map<id, Account> accounts = new Map<ID, Account>([SELECT Id, Total_Closed_Opptys__c, NS_External_ID__c FROM Account WHERE Id in :accountIds ]);

for(Contact con : Trigger.new) {

    // Only update contacts for accounts that are in NS
    // here you avoid the query by using the map.
    Account myAcct = accounts.get(con. AccountId);
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    I don't know why this answer was accepted, it might helped the OP with other issues but not with the mentioned issue - how to cover JsonGenerator code? – Json Oct 21 '18 at 13:47

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