I am getting a gack when creating a new community based on my community template so am looking at the template's content to try to see what is wrong. There is an example of such a template in the CommunityTemplateDefinition documentation, and that includes this image reference:

    <title>Preview Image</title>

Where is that image located and how does "siteAsset_2dbe594eb6794173af78da264cd6a4a7" identify the image?

(In my org I can't see anything with a matching name.)


I found the cause of the gack. The template somehow caused a custom setting in a separate managed package to self-initialize and that DML seems to be the cause the gack because pre-creating the custom setting org defaults avoids the problem. (Found this custom setting reference in the debug log.)

  • Could it be a built-in image that is part of the default configuration? – Caspar Harmer Mar 27 at 16:19
  • Hi @CasparHarmer, No they are screen shots of the template... not done by me. – Keith C Mar 27 at 16:50

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